Burgers and Asparagus

We squirrel away as much food as possible in any hole not occupied by clothes, boat parts, tankage, etc. This makes for some pretty funny storage spaces! We take a good supply of staples like flour and sugar so we can meet our own needs for bread, pizza dough, cookies… Any favorite foods that we eat often we take a good supply of (chocolate!). We try and pack a variety of ingredients that allow us to make from scratch almost anything we fancy. We carry a lot of spices so we can vary the cuisine—from Indian to Italian to Chinese to Thai. When provisioning we give thought to overlapping cuisines and stock ingredients common to both. Coconut milk is used in both Thai and Indian. We also take some ready made items like marinera sauce or pesto to make for easy dinners on passages. We carry a lot of pasta, rice, and beans. Canned fruit and vegetables come in handy on passages for when we run out of fresh ones, or when we are somewhere remote where access to fresh produce is limited. Cabbage, potatoes, and onions are your friends as they last a long time.