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Here at Real World Cruising we want to inspire you through our videos and writing about our life out here cruising aboard our boat Aiki.

Our goal is to get you excited about our trip and adventures. We want you to be excited enough to start planning and making your cruising dreams into a reality.

The photos, articles, and videos here are snippets of our lives. We want you to come here for inspiration and ideas on how you can live your adventure!

This is an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle, and we would like to help you untie your dreams from the dock and get out here cruising with us. We have been helping people make their cruising dreams reality since 1999. We can help you get out here easier, faster, and more comfortably. We offer onsite, hands on consulting and remote internet based consulting and coaching that will get you out here living the cruising dream.

About the Boat, (Aiki), the Trip, the Crew

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When it comes to cruising we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.


Melissa Stevens, Brion Toss, Guy Stevens Entanglements This is a story about two riggers, a badly measured piece of rigging, and the beauty that comes out of [...]


We have helped cruisers get their dreams off the dock since 2000. We can help you get out cruising faster, easier and have more fun and enjoyment.


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